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Mars, Venus & WTF?!?

In Friendships, Relationships on April 27, 2012 at 4:16 pm

Folks I admit, I give up!  I used to fashion myself a “womanologist”; meaning growing up with five sisters, having numerous female cousins, nieces, daughters etc, I figured I had a good understanding of the female species.  WRONG!!  I tell you it is amazing how people of the opposite sex can see things so differently.  No matter what race, color, creed, education level, job, height, weight etc, women seem to be emotionally the same in so many aspects.  Now now ladies, relax.  I mean no disrespect as I know we need women in our lives & I love the women in mine, but let’s be honest – y’all ain’t easy!  Why is it that when a sister finds a good man, now I mean a real good dude, she starts to find or dwell on his perceived shortcomings?  They expect him to read their minds all the time, know what they are thinking or react to things the way they want him to react?  If he’s home just watching a game, some will complain he is not doing something.  If he’s doing something, they complain cause it’s not how she wants it done.  If he wants to spend time with her, he’s possesive; if he doesn’t, he doesn’t care.  If he makes decisions, he is taking her wants for granted; if he asks her for her opinion before doing something, he’s weak & indecisive.  The worse part is that when a woman first meets a male of interest, she is enamored with how he is, what he does, how he looks or how he carries himself.  Inevitably however, that same female begins to complain and attack those same traits.  Poor brothers begin to wonder WTF?!?  In the beginning they are so sweet, willing to visit her man, do nice things for him, give him a back rub, pick up his laundry,  then slowly but surely, as the man begins to catch feelings and gets into his lady, BOOM, the niceties begin to disappear.   The worse part of it is when I speak to those guys who are no good, that don’t really care about their ladies, who cheat, leech, abuse etc, they seem to not have these issues; their women seem commited & willing to do whatever to keep that situation alive.  They try everything to get that guy to treat them how the good brother was! Again WTF?!?  We all know a female or two or ten, who will lament letting the good one go.  You know the one she didn’t love cause “he was too nice” or “loved her too much”.  She will go on & on how she should have kept him or done better.  Don’t want to hear it anymore ladies.  No man is perfect.  We are fallable just like you.  No, we can not read your minds or even think about things like you do; it is what makes us different as a species.  However, when you find a good dude who loves you, who cares for you & wants to share his life with you, be easy.  Acccept him & his faults, focus on all all the good he actually does.  He may not be perfect, but he may be perfect for you.  So embrace his love, you will probably be rewarded!  Now excuse me, while I attend to my carribean queen who I commit to love and misunderstand for the rest of my life.

Yes Dear?????

I know a bunch of women who play the game trying to find the 1 & a bunch who found the 1 once they stopped playing the game…

                                       – Joe Budden