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Black Panthers, Tea Party & Social Contradictions

In Politics, Society on November 16, 2010 at 8:02 pm

I know it’s been awhile, but I have been compelled to blog about this topic.  Is there really a difference between the Black Panther Party & the New Tea Party?  Really? Yet the powers that be seem to be much more accepting of the Tea Partiers who promote violence and hatred, mostly subliminally, against those of different beliefs, cultures and government.  If you ask me the Black Panther Movement was a fight for equality amongst people.  There were hundreds of white americans involved in the Black Panther Movement, many well known celebrities and well do to business owners.  However, for those of you who don’t know, they were systematically dismembered, yes I mean dismembered.  They were infiltrated, wrongfully accused, unlawfully jailed and even murdered.   Huey Newton was a like a Glen Beck is today, but with out the freedom Beck seems to have as he organizes rallys, while instilling fear and hatred.  Imagine if President Obama started a covert operation to eradicate the right wing zealots like the Black Panthers were under LBJ, Nixon and Hoover.  While the Black Panther Party was mostly about growth and acceptenance for all, the fact they were African Americans who demanded equal rights seemed to scare the government into acting violently and swiftly.  However, if you dig deeper, (read the book a Taste of Power by Elaine Brown or Revolutionary Suicide by Huey Newton for a quick reference course) what they really wanted was to be able to enjoy the civil liberties all other citizens were accustomed to, while the Tea Partiers seem to be pushing for a return to the old times when they ruled with an iron fist.  Now understand, the Panthers would defend themselves when they had to and yes they were armed at times, but wouldn’t you be with all the vile that was being tossed their way.  How is that different from the Tea Party today?  They both wanted change, except the Panthers looked for positive, forward progression, while the Tea Pariers look to go backwards, trying to regain their old glory I suppose.  Have you seen or heard about their rallies?  How long will we continue to accept the Sarah Palin’s of the world as they say and spread the stuff she says without recourse.  Where was the Panther’s Freedom of Speech when they needed it? Look up Fred Hampton, a Black Panther Leader from Chicago, so you can see how they were dealt with.  The Panthers fought for Congressional seats too, but no one listened.  They spoke of Pride, just like the Tea Partiers. They too tried to re-organize how the government looks at things.  But yet, they were treated differently.  It is just not the times folks.  The fact of the matter is the only difference is pretty obvious.

Fear Makes strangers of people who would be friends.

                              – Shirley MacLaine