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Guns, Death & Mass Killings

In Society on April 26, 2013 at 2:27 pm

What is wrong with folks today?  Have they all gone insane?  Now we can’t even go for a run without some nut tying to blow us up?  Forget just the disillusioned political maniacs, but how about the lost soul that just decides to shoot up a school?  What must of happened in their lives to bring them to such a low point that they would hurt innocent people?  And real talk, why are most of these mass killings perpetrated by white men?  Look it up, from Columbine, to Oklahoma City, to Auroa, it’s angry white men or white male teenagers who commit these heinious crimes.  They have called us animals often, but a recent study indicated they make up 30% of the population and commit 70% of the massacres. WOW! Additionally, look up the serial killers….yup mostly white men.  Now I know white people aren’t used to be morally questioned about their social issues, but what gives?  I have friends from all races & heritages, but guess which ones get all excitied about the violent video games or are all for gun ownership…yep the white men.  If you look up who would march the hardest for the pro-gun laws – white men; who has attempted or commited the most assinations of political rivials – white men.  What is difficult is they look so unassuming, like regular people, showing no inclination or propensity to commit these types of acts. Some come from model homes, have friends & interact normally with others. Somehow, somewhere they become viloently angry and decide to take it out on unassuming citizens just out for a movie & who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. With the advent of so much social media outlets, I believe more teenagers can easily & quietly become more angry, disillusioned & brooding; they read & see so many things that can cause them to feel insecure, left out or ridiculed, even if most of the stuff is not true, but to go out & decide a group of people will suffer for it? What of the adults? I am not sure what makes them so angry to walk into a grammar school & shoot a bunch of young kids, or assinate a man for spreading peace & equality (MLK), but perhaps we should start paying attention & figure this shit out before more damage is done?

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

– Unknown