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Character, Perceptions & Reality

In Media, Society, Sports on November 17, 2011 at 10:50 pm

The henious Penn State scandal is another perfect example of how people and society’s assumptions can go terribly wrong. I have argued for years how many in todays world would view a khaki pants, button down shirt, clean cut, good grammer individual as an honorable, upstanding, decent citizen while most times not bestowing those same thoughts upon the jeans, hoodie wearing sneaker crowd. When will we all learn that evil has no dress code or no color; it neither speaks a certain way nor has a certain DNA type; it doesn’t hear a certain type of music or follow a specific religion. As most things, it comes in many different packages & all too often it can not be readily identified. Most people you see look at a guy like this Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State Defensive Co-ordinator accused of multiple sexual assults on young boys, immediately labeling him – by appearance mind you, as an upstanding, decent, God fearing, all american male. Well SURPRISE! As is usually the case, he is the worse kind of evil, preying on innocent, defenseless kids. Almost as deplorable is how Joe Paterno or “Joe Pa” as he is affectionately known, the revered head coach, appears to have done very little to further prevent these tragedies, even as he learned of his co-workers indescretions. How people throughout the area were rioting over “Joe Pa’s” dismissal is beyond me. Is football that important in these people’s lives that they choose to overlook the most disgusting of offenses? Could it be they can not believe how wrong they have been about these people – their heroes? Would they be as forgiving if it was one of the students, a history teacher or the janitor? This blog is not to highlight the crime, as we all know it is unspeakable, it is intended to further explore our views on people based on how they look or how we want them to be. It has always been an issue of mine how some people are always granted the benefit of the doubt as if somehow wearing khakis and loafers exclude you from misbehaving. How I can walk into an interview room or a resturant along with another suit wearing individual and automatically be addressed differently, given different opportuinities or asked if I know where the bathroom is? I learned of this NJ cop who had a family, was “clean cut” and was a pillar to his community, who was arrested for infecting numerous women with the HIV virus he had been infected with from his multiple dalliances with prostitutes. You see this “social blindness” as I call it, can and probably has affected us all at some point in our lives to varying degrees. So the next time you meet one of the all american boy types, don’t be so quick to accept him with open arms, he may end being a Sandusky.

Character is what you do when no one is watching.

                                     – Unknown


Social Networking, Narcissism & Nonsense

In Media, Society on October 11, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Over the weekend I took my daughter to watch the facebook movie The Social Network and while it was a good film it cements my feelings toward the whole social networking phenomenon.  In short, Facebook came about not from some noble cause or even a business interest, rather it was born out of a sheltered, ignorned yet intelligent person’s need to be accepted.  This need took a life of its own and became a huge success.  Now while I understand some use or claim to use these forms of networking for business purposes or to catch up with old acquaintances, many do it to satisfy their needs to be seen, heard or talked about.  The proliferation of personal information available today on the internet is astounding.  Do we all really need to know you are going to the gym? Or getting your hair done?  It sounds more like you wanting people to know what you are doing, when you are doing it and with whom.  Another funny thing is how people all of a sudden become philosphical on these sites, quoting literary greats when we all know they hardly ever pick up a book or don’t follow the message themselves.  Why do we as a current society need this constant attention and (I use the word lightly) support?  I have been at sporting events, cookouts, dinners etc and have observed numerous people on their phones “updating their facebook” pages.  What could they possibly be updating – what kind of burger they had?  Damn, even old folks have facebook pages to keep up their appearences.  The sad thing is most of the users of these sites, if they are honest with themselves, have deep insecurities that these sites camouflage.  What better way to say they are loved or have allys but the amount of “friends” they have?  I have heard people explain their use of these sites to re-connect with people they once knew, but really, if you wanted to stay in constant contact with these “friends”, would you have really lost contact with them in the first place?  It appears teenagers are now using these forums to bully, insult an humiliate others.  These internet tough guys apparently have caused some of their victims to become depressed, reclusive or even commit suicide.  What does that tell you about the state of today’s youth and how they need the constant attention or approval of their peers?  Those who use these sites to hide behind their own inadequacies and insult others virally are the worse kind.   Now I also know some who use the sites to share good times with old friends, photos, music etc.  This is not intended for this minority.  These sites in and of itself are not cruel or wrong, it is but a tool used by others for different reasons.  Rather it is meant for those millions who utilize these forums to pound on their chest & yell “Look at me…I am important too!”  I am sure you are to your close friends and family, I just don’t think everyone needs to know when your next bathroom break is.

There’s a difference between free speech & cheap talk.

                                      – Unknown

America, The Media & Instant Celebrity

In Media, Society on August 26, 2010 at 11:47 pm

There is something wrong when a simpleton like Steven Slater becomes a “folk hero” for his melt down recently while working on a Jet Blue flight. After his now infamous reaction, which I will not fan the flames by elaborating on, this clown became wildly popular. Within days he allegedly had over 200,000 new fans on his Facebook page, which solidifies my stance against such sites & believe it or not, several offers for a few reality show – I rest my case on that issue too. What a sad situation and another example of mediocrity being rewarded. What does it say about so many who seem to rally behind this nitwit, instead of those who go through the day to day tribulations with dignity? We all have bad days, shit I have had a few just this month, but where is my support group? Where are my fans? The media has reported on this at nauseam, even applauding the fact he grabbed a beer as he departed, like that makes him some sort of tough guy hero. Those who write this forever lose their credibility and can never be taken seriously. Those in the media who promote such tomfoolery are much worse than Slater. While exhibiting their limited talents, they create a sort of hysteria for all the wrong reasons. Now, I am not trying to hate on Slater for his new found popularity – it really is not his fault. I am sure he had no idea this would occur. But the media, those we entrust to provide us with insight into important news, get no such pass. It is this careless news reporting behavior that can be dangerous. By painting a certain picture, they can embolden less enlightened folks into believing they too are just a stupid act away from infamy. They use these poor lost souls for a few articles, then discard them when they are no longer of use. So enjoy your fifteen minutes Mr. Slater, your time is almost up.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on.